There is a world of sound reproduction where music comes to life in a way you never imagined, where artists breath emotion into their work.

It emotes, it engulfs, and it anchors.   It is a state that while you have likely never experienced, you will certainly never forget.

Music summons different layers of emotion, the emotions conveyed by the performers or the musical body, and the emotions innate in the listener.

Music allows us to relive how we felt when we first heard a particular piece of music.

Listening to Abbey Road, we relive our joy & delight in being exposed to this fantastic, whimsical world that the Beatles inhabited with Abbey RoadOctopus’ Garden, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer…

It is within this tenure that MOR Music is born.  Those of us who are at the forefront of this world of sound reproduction and presentation got together in hope to support the ecosystem,  from music making to music delivery, with one goal in mind, to share this unforgettable state with a larger audience as we relive it ourselves.

MOR (Magnum Opus Rediscovered) Music is a cultural organization with a mission to transform the way people hear musical masterpieces.

Magnum Opus is from Latin.  Magnum means great and Opus means work.  Magnum Opus is the greatest achievement of an artist, writer or composer.

Magnum Opus Rediscovered is about sharing the love of music.  As music lovers we want to share our passion with other music lovers and in doing so, expose them to their favourite music from a fresh perspective. Many music lovers have not heard the modern music masterpieces reproduced on a properly sorted out music system, be it in stereo or in multi-channel. We are the conduit redirecting music lovers to their local HiFi consultant, generating awareness in noteworthy musical reissues that deserve to be rediscovered and enjoyed in a new context.

Why MOR Music

The sole legitimate function of a music system, from modest to state of the art, is to enable the listener to enjoy the emotional experience of music performances.

The high-end audio industry spent decades of efforts concentrated in audio components which offer an exact recreation of live music performances without interfering with the musical enjoyment.  This pursuit demands dedication and a genuine love of music that is impossible to hire.

Whether we enjoy large-scale rock, or prefer to use acoustic performances on acoustic instruments as our musical reference, we recommend using music to voice a Home Theater system.  The reason is that most of us are familiar with how a Steinway grand piano should sound, while we have no such reference on hand to determine if a dinosaur stomp in a movie segment is accurate or not.

If you’re passionate about tone, timbre, pitch, and the blending of complex harmonic structures and instrumental textures that forms the whole, if you care about every nuance in the sounds produced by the instrumentalist or vocalist, along with natural (un-hyped) rhythmic drive, and if you are passionate about the emotional response produced by music, then you will want an accurate presentation and need to hear your favourite music presented via a well-balanced audio system.